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3D stickers with premium pictures of over 230 dog breeds

3D stickers are durable

3D dog stickers designed by 2H Holinger are the best you can get on the global market. Because the stickers are covered by a thick layer of resin, they get not only a much more spectacular and exclusive appearance, but they are also protected against all kinds of environmental conditions. This means particularly resistance to mechanical damage or scratching (the resin will seal itself again). 3D stickers are waterproof, so you can easily wash them even with common detergents, oils and even gas; and all rain does is make them shinier.

Our stickers are not effected by UV radiation, because the resin on the 3D stickers acts as a natural UV filter that protects the photo under the resin, and as a result the photo is colorfast and stays equally nice for years. The high-quality sticker production process guarantees maximum durability, which is something you can forget about with regular commercial stickers. 3D stickers don’t even mind extreme temperature fluctuations – they can withstand temperatures ranging between -22 and 248 ºF.