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3D stickers with premium pictures of over 230 dog breeds

Easy-to-apply 3D stickers

Compared to conventional commercial labels, our 3D stickers are easy to stick on dry and smooth surfaces. As a result, they can be instantly and easily affixed to the windshield, window, laptop, tablet, refrigerator, kitchen counter as well as house doors or a wooden doghouse – as long as the wood is properly treated (i.e., smooth and ideally protected by varnish).

Our customers – dog lovers – most often affix the stickers of their pets and guardians of their houses and backyards onto their cars, refrigerators, laptops and tablets. Owners of show dogs, however, even go much further and affix our resin glazed 3D dog breed stickers to literally everything they come across. The same goes for pet supply stores, dog shows, training grounds and other places where dogs are king. The application is very simple, yet it withstands everything: heat, cold, dryness, water, scratches, sun rays, dust and who knows what else...