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Gascon Saintongeois

  • Arch with six 3D labels diameter of 50 mm
  • Arch with four 3D labels diameter of 70 mm
  • Arch with two 3D labels diameter of 100 mm
  • A 3D sticker with diameter of 150 mm
  • A 3D sticker with diameter of 300 mm

Please note that dog breeds displayed on the small photos are illustrative. Chosen variant of product will be delivered with the selected dog breed. 6 pieces with 2 inches diameter product version contains two of the stickers with I LOVE design and variant with 4 pieces / 2.75 inches diameter has one sticker with I LOVE design.


3D sticker Gascon Saintgeois 101 C

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3D sticker is colourfast thanks to the UV filter. It is also resistant to mechanical damage, chemical substances, humidity, oil or petrol, weather and heat resistant approx. from -30 to +120 degrees. It is washable with water and various cleaners. Special coating stickers guarantees long durability and color fastness and retains 100% of its characteristics even after repeated washing as cars in car wash. 3D sticker can be applied to any hard smooth cast down.

Availability: In stock

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Sheet (pieces): 4
3D label diameter: 2.75 in
Sheet (pieces): 2
3D label diameter: 4 in
Sheet (pieces): 6
3D label diameter: 2 in
Sheet (pieces): 1
3D label diameter: 12 in
Sheet (pieces): 1
3D label diameter: 6 in

Why our stickers?

  • Our 3D stickers with UV filter are colorfast
  • Our stickers are resistant to mechanical damage
  • Also resistent to chemical substances, humidity, oil or petrol, weather and heat
  • Washable with water and various cleaners
  • Long durability and color fastness
  • Can be applied to any hard smooth cast down


The Gascon Saintongeois (FCI No.21) is a breed of dog of the scenthound type, recognised in two sizes, Grand (large) and Petite (smaller than the Grand, but not a small dog.) Originating in France, the breed is used for hunting in packs and descends from the old Hound of Saintonge type of large hunting dog. The breed is a very typical French hound, with a lean and muscular body, long legs, long drop ears and pendulous flews (lips). Size for the Grand is 65 to 72 cm (25.6 to 28.3 ins) at the withers, females at total 24 to 26 inches; size for the Petite is 56 to 62 cm (22 to 24.4 ins) at the withers, making it still a fairly large dog; females are slightly smaller. Grands weigh 66 to 71 pounds. The eyes are dark chestnut. It has an elongated head. Its black nose is well-developed, and the lips are pendent. It has a deep chest, and a strong back. The tail is elegant and saber. The colour of the coat is white with black patches, sometimes speckled or ticked with black. Ears and face around the eyes are black and the cheeks are tan, but there should not be a tricolour appearance. Two tan markings are above the eyes, and sometimes a tan marking is found on the base of the upper thigh, which is called the 'roe buck mark'. Faults, which indicate the dog should not be bred, include lack of substance, weak back, deviated tail, cow hocked, or legs that are too angulated or straight, which would impede running ability, as well as being off-colour or overly aggressive or overly shy. The breed is noted for its good nose, excellent voice, and beautiful gallop, important attributes in a hunting dog. It is instinctively a pack dog. It is not only used for hunting small game, but also large like deer or wolves. It is audacious, resistant, aristocratic, and is very affectionate off the hunting fields.

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Dog breed Gascon Saintongeois

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