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3D stickers with premium pictures of over 230 dog breeds

3D stickers are high-quality

3D stickers are a brand new dimension in the field of stickers. Forget the old familiar 2D labels that do not last, look dull and everyone has them. 3D car stickers are much nicer; they have an extra dimension, they have a shape, they have a constant color, they look simply luxurious. And they are also high-quality in all aspects – they are easy to stick on, they hold, they last and they are highly resistant (against heat, cold, water, chemicals, scratches, dust, etc.). An investment into 3D stickers pays off.

We invested a lot of time and energy into the development of the best stickers on the market. Stickers that will be better than even the highest-quality and best stickers that you know. We use the latest technology to reach the TOP in 3D stickers. The same also goes for the motifs of our stickers: we carefully chose from each dog breed only the most beautiful show dogs, and we took the best possible photographs of them. The result is a symbiosis of high-quality stickers and the best pictures of dogs you can imagine.