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Slovak Cuvac

  • Arch with six 3D labels diameter of 50 mm
  • Arch with four 3D labels diameter of 70 mm
  • Arch with two 3D labels diameter of 100 mm
  • A 3D sticker with diameter of 150 mm
  • A 3D sticker with diameter of 300 mm

Please note that dog breeds displayed on the small photos are illustrative. Chosen variant of product will be delivered with the selected dog breed. 6 pieces with 2 inches diameter product version contains two of the stickers with I LOVE design and variant with 4 pieces / 2.75 inches diameter has one sticker with I LOVE design.


3D sticker Slovensky Cuvac 101 C

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3D sticker is colourfast thanks to the UV filter. It is also resistant to mechanical damage, chemical substances, humidity, oil or petrol, weather and heat resistant approx. from -30 to +120 degrees. It is washable with water and various cleaners. Special coating stickers guarantees long durability and color fastness and retains 100% of its characteristics even after repeated washing as cars in car wash. 3D sticker can be applied to any hard smooth cast down.

Availability: In stock

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Sheet (pieces): 4
3D label diameter: 2.75 in
Sheet (pieces): 2
3D label diameter: 4 in
Sheet (pieces): 6
3D label diameter: 2 in
Sheet (pieces): 1
3D label diameter: 12 in
Sheet (pieces): 1
3D label diameter: 6 in

Why our stickers?

  • Our 3D stickers with UV filter are colorfast
  • Our stickers are resistant to mechanical damage
  • Also resistent to chemical substances, humidity, oil or petrol, weather and heat
  • Washable with water and various cleaners
  • Long durability and color fastness
  • Can be applied to any hard smooth cast down


The Slovak Cuvac is a Slovak breed of dog, bred for use as a livestock guard dog. This mountain dog—also known as Slovensky Cuvac, Slovak Chuvach, Tatransky Cuvac and Slovensky Kuvac—is closely related to the Hungarian Kuvasz. The alternate German and English spelling Tchouvatch reflects the pronunciation: chew-votch. The breed is recognised under sponsorship from Slovakia by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale with the name Slovenský čuvač. Despite the multiple renderings in English, these refer to only one breed. The United Kennel Club in the US uses the English version of the name Slovak Cuvac. The body of Slovak Cuvac is slightly longer than higher. Strong and straight ridge goes - way to lower back - a little bit sloped. Strong square butt is slightly sloped, too. Low-placed tail is worn hanging, reaching hock joints. Chest reaching to elbow joint and chest's width can compared to circa one quarter of scapula´s height. Ribs are good rounded and achieving long back. Belly and flanks are slightly pulled. Long scapulas are slant laid. Slovak cuvac has straight legs placed vertically to body and good angled. Front paws are compact, rounded, good closed, back paws are a little bit longer. Neck is as long as head. Wide and elongate skull is a little bit arched, but top of the head is flat. With side view are straight line of top of the head and straight line of nose´s ridge parallel. Stop is well apparent. Supraorbital arcs are marked, frontal groove is flat. Wide and heavy mouth is slightly narrowed to top of the nose and is a little bit shorter than skull. Lips fit tightly. Ears are high placed, reclined and fitted tightly to head. Ear points are rounded. Eyes are oval shaped with caps fitting closely, straight placed at the head. Cuvac has scissors occlusion. Fur is dense and rich, centre parting at the ridge is not allowed. Covering hair, which is constituted by hair with 5-15 cm length, completely covering shorter, dense and soft undercoat. Male dogs have collar around the neck. Fur is pure white. Yellowish tinge by ears is permissible, but not desirable. Eyes are brown. Muzzle, lips edges and eyelids, alike paw pads, are black. The breed is an animal of imposing stature. It has a large head, half of which is taken up by the nasal canal. It has strong jaws, with a scissors bite. The oval-shaped eyes are dark and lively. The ears are long and hanging while carried on the sides of the head. The tail is thickly furred, and it hangs down when the dog is at rest. The coat is completely white, and the hair can be as much as 4 inches (10 cm) long. The height for males can be as much as 28 inches (70 cm), while females at the most are 26 inches (65 cm) in height. The weight for males ranges 77 to 99 pounds and the weight for females is 66 to 88 pounds.

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Dog breed Slovak Cuvac

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