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3D stickers with premium pictures of over 230 dog breeds


  • Arch with six 3D labels diameter of 50 mm
  • Arch with four 3D labels diameter of 70 mm
  • Arch with two 3D labels diameter of 100 mm
  • A 3D sticker with diameter of 150 mm
  • A 3D sticker with diameter of 300 mm

Please note that dog breeds displayed on the small photos are illustrative. Chosen variant of product will be delivered with the selected dog breed. 6 pieces with 2 inches diameter product version contains two of the stickers with I LOVE design and variant with 4 pieces / 2.75 inches diameter has one sticker with I LOVE design.


3D sticker Stabyhoun 101 C

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3D sticker is colourfast thanks to the UV filter. It is also resistant to mechanical damage, chemical substances, humidity, oil or petrol, weather and heat resistant approx. from -30 to +120 degrees. It is washable with water and various cleaners. Special coating stickers guarantees long durability and color fastness and retains 100% of its characteristics even after repeated washing as cars in car wash. 3D sticker can be applied to any hard smooth cast down.

Availability: In stock

Product Versions Price Qty
Sheet (pieces): 4
3D label diameter: 2.75 in
Sheet (pieces): 2
3D label diameter: 4 in
Sheet (pieces): 6
3D label diameter: 2 in
Sheet (pieces): 1
3D label diameter: 12 in
Sheet (pieces): 1
3D label diameter: 6 in

Why our stickers?

  • Our 3D stickers with UV filter are colorfast
  • Our stickers are resistant to mechanical damage
  • Also resistent to chemical substances, humidity, oil or petrol, weather and heat
  • Washable with water and various cleaners
  • Long durability and color fastness
  • Can be applied to any hard smooth cast down


The Stabyhoun or Stabij is a rare dog breed that just like the Wetterhoun originates from Friesland, a province in the North of the Netherlands. The first part of the name is probably from the Dutch: 'sta me bij' (stand by me). The last part is simply Frisian, meaning dog, which is pronounced 'hoon'. There are only approximately 3507 Stabyhouns in existence today. A sturdily built long-coated breed, the Stabyhoun is greater in length than height. It should be neither too coarse nor too refined in build. Most Stabyhouns have a black and white colored coat. Brown and white Stabyhouns are less common, but may be seen in the Netherlands, while the orange and white coated Stabyhouns are becoming increasingly rare. Spotting and/or roan in the white are acceptable, but tricolor is considered a fault. Males are 53 cm (21 in) and females are 50 cm (20 in), measured at the withers. The ideal weight of a Stabyhoun is 45 lb (20 kg) for a female and 50–55 lb (23–25 kg) for a male. The head should show more length than width, with the skull and foreface equally long. The hair on the head is short. The skull should be slightly domed, but not narrow, and may never give the impression of being wide. The head is carried low on a strong, slightly arched neck. The stop is only slightly indicated. The foreface is powerful, tapering gently toward the nose without giving the appearance of a point. The bridge is straight and the muzzle is broad with a nose that is well developed and has wide nostrils. Lips are tight and cover the teeth, which are strong and have a scissor bite. The neck should be free of throatiness or dewlap. The expression of the face should always be gentle and intelligent. The ears are set fairly low, medium in size, and are strongly developed. The ears project from the head, and are moderately long and shaped like a mason's trowel. Feathering on the ears is typical, with hair growing longer at the base of the ear and steadily decreasing in length. The bottom-most third of the ear is covered with short hair. The eyes should lie level in the head, and be of medium size with tight rounded lids. There should not be the appearance of haw or a third eyelid. Dogs with black and white coats should have dark brown eyes, while brown and white Stabyhouns may have brown- or orange-colored eyes. Bird of prey eyes are considered to be a fault. The Stabyhoun's coat is long and sleek. Although a slight wave over the croup is permissible, it should never be curly. The hair behind a Stabyhoun's front and rear quarters is longer and fuller, but should never feather. Any curling of the coat suggests that cross-breeding has occurred in a dog's line, and for this reason cannot be considered a purebred Stabyhoun. A Stabyhoun's body should be powerful with well-rounded ribs. Its back is straight with the croup sloping slightly. The loin is powerful, and the belly is only moderately tucked up. The tail is long, reaching to the hock. It is set low and carried downwards with a gentle bend upwards toward the tip of the tail. In action, the tail is lifted, but never so as to curl. Like the hair behind a Stabyhoun's front and rear quarters, the tail hair should be long, full, and bushy. However, the tail hair should not feather. The shoulder is well laid against the chest, the blades well laid back and angulated. The lower forequarters should be powerful and straight, likewise the forelegs straight. A Stabyhoun's pasterns should be strong. The hindquarters are powerful and well angulated with a low placed hock. The feet should be round and rather big, with toes that are well developed and arched. A Stabyhoun should have thick pads.

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Dog breed Stabyhoun

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